A New Way to Trade

ChartDNA brings candlestick trading to the next level. Build profitable pattern sequences with ChartDNA's powerful back-testing facility. Search for your pattern from any of 45,000 assets available on Bloomberg.

Over 7 million Patterns

ChartDNA candlestick-characters supports over 7 million Pattern types - no two patterns need ever be the same. Furthermore, five different match strengths offers flexibility in pairing matches.

Rich Customisation

ChartDNA offers five sample bullish and bearish patterns to help get you started. Build custom patterns of up to 10 candle sequences. Patterns can be saved and applied to any asset, at any time interval.

Patent Pending

ChartDNA utilises patent pending technologies, derived from DNA sequencing analysis, to pair pattern sequences in price data: Identifying new opportunities in the market.

Real Time Signals

Search for recent pattern signals on time intervals of 1-minute or higher. ChartDNA integrates with Bloomberg screens, enabling pattern searches in dynamic watchlists, or build customised watchlists.

What Happens Next?

In-built ranking identifies hot performing patterns. ChartDNA can also determine if a pattern is best traded long or short, and how well it performed immediately after detection.